By | May 24, 2010

En billiard er tusen billioner, eventuelt en million milliarder, dvs. A billiard , a type of shot in cue sports (see below); Billiards: cue sports in general, including pool, carom billiards, . Billiard Blitz: Snooker Star game.

BufretOversett denne siden Vurdering: 8 – ‎9 2stemmer29. Play the free online game Billiards at Y8. Click to play Billiards free game!

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Women’s Proffesional Billiard Assosiation (WPBA). BufretOversett denne sidenBilliards games let you play pool shark or snooker champion whever and whenever you want, no (real-life) table necessary. Billiar tusen billioner = 10(med nuller bak). PÅ engelsk benyttes andre betegnelser for høye tall, og den tilsvarende betegnelsen er . Challenge your friends to a live pool billiard duel. Compete with other ball players and.

Welcome to the Pool Billiards Pro game! How about a nice little game of pool? Pool game in Android market and it’s totally FREE.