Puerto rico beaches

By | May 4, 2010

Ultimate guide to best beaches in Puerto Rico, Vieques Culebra 2017. Top city beaches, best beaches on the west, east, south, Vieques Culebra. Puerto Rico is a beach lover’s playground.

There are over 3beaches to enjoy year roun no two are alike. As travelers we understand the importance of your . Here’s a run-down of the island’s very best beaches. Read on for the best for snorkeling, outdoor sports, and sunbathing.

Puerto Rico might be a small islan but it is surrounded by more than 2miles of beautiful coastline. And it’s not just the quantity of . Whatever your taste, you’ll find a beach to your liking in Puerto Rico. Here are the best Puerto Rico beaches across all of the islands. This tiny coral island is part of the Puerto Rican archipelago and a short taxi-boat ride from the mainland.

There are beaches around the small islan including . San Juan offers the best city beaches in the Caribbean. Choose from calm waters for relaxing and swimming to fun and wavy for water fun. Looking for top Puerto Rico beaches?

Whether you’re looking to surf, snorkel or sunbathe, here are the best Puerto Rico beaches to visit. White sandy beaches and idyllic offshore islands are what put Puerto Rico on tourist maps in the first place. Best for Singles (Straight Gay): Sandwiched b.