People tree

By | February 28, 2013

People Tree, the fair trade fashion pioneer and online garment retailer. We make our clothes from environmentally-friendly materials including Fairtrade certified . People Tree er ledende klesmerke innen etisk og bærekraftig mote.

Lekker engelsk design, Fair Trade, Økologisk bomull LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD. Shop for the latest range of dresses, t-shirts and jewellery available from People Tree. A space that celebrates collective creativity.

An idea that believes each one of us has that spark.

We make clothing and accessories with people the. Dameklær fra People Tree, laget av økologisk og Fairtrade-sertifisert bomull. Welcome to the Web-home of People Tree – the tree that grew into a shop. A shop that is not just a shop, but also a great place to be at.

This symbol is inspired by the metal-cast sculpture of the tribal people of Bastar in Central India. The ‘pipal’ is a species of ficus tree which is revered by Hindus . FOLGE UNS HIER AUF UNSEREN DEUTSCHEN CHANNELS. Foto zeigt ein People Tree Model . Within years of inception PEOPLE TREE has its roots in locations in Bangalore with a vision to Touch Move and Inspire a billion people.

The company is based in both London and Tokyo. Author and Illustrator of A BIT LOST, OH NO GEORGE, SHH WE HAVE A PLAN and HAT MONKEY. Det er februar og butikken fylles opp av herlige vårnyheter.

Noe av det siste som har kommet er denne serien i retro inspirert kirsebær print fra People Tree . People Tree is recognized by customers and the fashion industry as a pioneer in Fair Trade and sustainable fashion. For over twenty years, we’ve worked with .