Overwatch open beta

By | February 14, 2017

Players who have pre-purchased or pre-ordered . Overwatch ended the crisis, and helped maintain peace in the decades that followe inspiring an era of exploration, innovation, and discovery. PC, PlayStation and Xbox One joined the fight for the future during the Overwatch Open .

After what probably feels like a full decade of waiting, Overwatch will finally be publicly playable in early May for a scant week before final . The Overwatch open beta runs from May 5th to May 9th. The hit sound in Overwatch was made by opening a beer bottleNews .

You can grab the beta client right now through these links: PS Xbox One, PC. The beta was made available earlier this week to people who . Overwatch’s open beta, which got underway for everyone on Thursday, has been extended by a day and will now conclude Tuesday, May at . Overwatch’s open beta, Blizzard Entertainment announced in a press release. Overwatch’s open beta is now live, so let this put an end to the raging over invites and the suspiciously large number of streamers in the closed . THE OVERWATCH open beta went live earlier this week on PS Xbox One and PC, while Blizzard have spoken more on the subject of the . Blizzard is announcing that Overwatch will be released on May 2 with an Open Beta running from May through May 9. Pre-orderers get early beta access on . The Overwatch open beta will be available through Tuesday morning, so you still have time to join the fun.

These staggering numbers elevate Overwatch to Blizzard’s biggest open beta yet. On average, each player clocked in around hours of play . Balance seems all the same and all the beta bugs are still there. As far as I know they locked the last open beta version . Per an announcement on Blizzards forums, it looks like the Overwatch Beta is being extended hours. The new end date is May 10th at 10am PST.

Early access will be available on May 3-for. Overwatch’s open beta did a great job and proved to me that Overwatch is a real competitive shooter and. Overwatch’s open beta had an astounding 9.