Crocodile dundee

Crocodile_DundeeBufretLignendeCrocodile Dundee er en australsk romantisk actionkomedie fra 19med Paul Hogan og Linda Kozlowski i hovedrollene. Paul Hogan var også delansvarlig for . Crocodile Dundee is a 19Australian-American comedy film set in the Australian Outback and in New York City.

It stars Paul Hogan as the weathered Mick . Paul Hogan og kona Linda Kozlowski sin skilsmisse har endelig gått igjennom, og Crocodile Dundee får beholde navnet. Crocodile Dundee himself is completely defined by his role as the Kakadu bushman who wielded a giant knife and wrestled reptiles a decade . The Australian actor has aged since filming his last Crocodile Dundee film in 2001.

Original theatrical trailer for the 19film Crocodile Dundee. Starring Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John. SHE’S best known for her role as the gutsy and determined Sue Charlton from Crocodile Dundee, but now Linda Kozlowski looks worlds apart . For better or worse, when many Americans think of Australia, they think of Paul Hogan and Crocodile Dundee. After all, the Australian travel .