Baby’s first book

Den perfekte baby-boken til å dokumentere det første leveåret til din lille skatt. Typografien i boken er laget av den kjente designeren Arne Jacobsen. Bok, Baby`s first book, i rosa fra Design Letters.

Perferkt bok for å dokumentere et barns første leveår! Her kan en skrive inn minner, lime inn bilder og det føler . Stylish and easy to fill out Baby’s First Book. Includes milestones cards (1-months).

Available in two colours: Pink and turquoise. Garth Williams writes and illustrates a sweet, . Most of us have heard how important it is to have books at home and read them, even to young kids. But how do you know which titles your baby or toddler will . Build your little one’s library with these timeless first books for babies. Gibson, Koala Baby, Pearhea and more.

Lady Jayne Ella’s Dreams Pink Baby First Memory Box. These board books will welcome your baby’s fingers and eyes. You may hear some of your child’s first words as you enjoy these simple books together.