Hobbit house

By | December 8, 2011

These IRL hobbit homes are composed of prefabricated panels (which are used as walls) that are reinforced by soil. This is a house I built for our family in Wales. It was built by myself and my father in law with help from passers by and visiting friends .

A company called Green Magic Homes came up with an idea to build tiny prefabricated houses that look exactly like Hobbit holes and can be assembled by 3 . As well as being made from sustainable material the Hobbit house, as it is dubbed by locals, has lime plaster on its walls instead of cement, . You can now get pre-fabricated Hobbit homes that can be built in just three days by Green Magic Homes for just £10000. Earth Sheltered Homes covered with soil, grass and gardens… You will love this homes.

Can you imagine living in a 400-square-foot tiny home that is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, yet boasts all the amenities of a conventional house? Simon Dale, with the help of his father in-law, has single-handedly built this low impact Hobbit house in the woodlands of West Wales. Simon Dale set out on a project that really knocked me off my feet.

With only $00 he built his own hobbit home in the Welsh countryside.