The sims 4 pets

By | November 7, 2014

Thanks to community modding tool Sims Studio, it was discovered that some brand new CAS Parts have been added to the game, but not yet . Thanks to community modder Zerbu, we now have a first look at official game code mentioning Pets in The Sims 4. Get Green with The Sims PlantSim Challenge!

Help us create a new Stuff Pack for The Sims 4. Explore the latest news about The Sims including updates, Game. Other rumours suggest that Pets could be introduced to The Sims soon. We’re pretty hopeful that Seasons will happen in The Sims at some point and we’re 1 sure Pets will happen soon after the recent leak.

Today’s content update, which introduces toddlers to The Sims also brings code updates that heavily points to a Pets expansion pack. Today I am going over what we know about a possible Sims Pets? Keep an eye on Zerbu’s work at picking apart the update codes for new pet hints here: . Newly found lines of code suggest The Sims Pets DLC might finally be happening this year allowing players to own cats and dogs.