The conjuring 3

Guys as a Fan of Hurror movies I made this Trailer, so please watch and enjoy. The Conjuring franchise is a series of American horror films created by Chad Hayes and Carey. The film was released worldwide on October 20to major commercial success, becoming the 14th most profitable horror film in North .

Never mind that The Conjuring has not been given the official greenlight by its studio yet. Even as the horrors brought by The Conjuring 2 . The Conjuring 3′ is expected to hit theatres in 20featuring new horror stories of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Director James Wan discusses The Conjuring and all the weird possibilities still unexplored in the Warrens’ case files.

It’s unclear at this point if this source material could be potentially used for a The Conjuring but we can confirm that it’s an idea with which Wan is totally . Will The Conjuring feature werewolves set in the 1970s? The Conjuring is highly anticipated by movie goers. The Conjuring movies have been very successful with critics and has been .