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It is a 19horror novel by American author Stephen King. The story follows the exploits of seven children as they are terrorized by the eponymous being, which . Thirty years later, they reunite to stop the demon once and for all .

It_(miniseries)BufretOversett denne sidenIt is a 19American-Canadian supernatural horror miniseries directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, adapted by Lawrence D. Cohen from the Stephen King novel of . It’s natural enemy is The Turtle, another ancient Macroverse dweller who, eons ago, created our Universe and possibly others.

Every detail and event is splendid. Each character is unique; portrayed wonderfully! The movie doesn’t compare to the masterpiece. It has 4512ratings and 100reviews. Maciek said: The most important things are the hardest things to say, because words diminish them.

IT is the 22nd book published by Stephen King. It was his 18th novel, and the 13th novel written. Kjøp boken It av Stephen King (ISBN 9781501142970) hos Adlibris.