Hank zipzer

Aprilsnarr kommer, og Hank gjør alt for å narre Frøken Adolf. Emilie har normalt ikke interesse . Hank prøver å sjonglere det å være far med et moteønske.

Hanks oppfinnsomhet ødelegger vennskapet med Frank. Hank Zipzer is a British children’s television series which stars Nick James in the titular role as a 12-year-old dyslexic schoolboy. BufretLignendeOversett denne sidenMeet The World’s Greatest Underachiever – Hank Zipzer.

It doesn’t look like surviving school is going to get any easier for Hank but his glass is always half full . Hank Zipzer – Series Ep Last Day : It’s the last day of the summer term and Hank is determined to make it through without a detention. Henry “Hank” Zipzer is a smart and creative boy with a unique view of the world. Hank has dyslexia and when problems come up he deals with them in a way . Mr Joy’s latest scheme sees the pupils of Westbrook vying to produce the best vlogs and videos for.

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