Google translate camera

If you’re ever in a situation in which you need to understand some text in a foreign language, getting a translation is now as free and easy as .

You can point your mobile device’s camera to a sign, book or other text . All you have to do is tap the camera icon in the app right under where it says Tap . It’s not a big update, but brings a useful feature: Instant camera . The user just has to train the camera on the text, then brush the text . Because it might use your network connection, which can be laggy and slow. With a good connection, the service is fast, at least when I tried it . The app began as Word Lens, an augmented reality (AR) project by . Word Lens was an augmented reality translation application from Quest Visual. For example, using the viewfinder of a camera to show a shop sign on a. A look at two apps for Android that translate text that you photograph automatically.

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