Cliff burton

Clifford Lee Cliff Burton (February 1 19– September 2 1986) was an American musician, best known as the second bass guitarist for the American . Lastet opp av MetalligodThis what happened to Cliff Burton on the night of September 1986. Metallica were on top of the metal world in 1986.

But the band’s year ended with a crushing blow after Cliff Burton died in a bus accident while . Metallica’s Cliff Burton was killed in a bus crash. We remember Cliff Burton with our picks for the Top songs from his time in Metallica. James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett discuss the anger they felt over the death of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton on tour years ago this month.

Clifford Lee “Cliff” Burton bass guitarist for Metallica, was tragically was killed at the age of in a bus accident in Sweden on September 2 . The story goes that while on tour in Europe supporting Master of Puppets, Metallica members James Hetfiel Kirk Hammett, and Cliff Burton let . When I had written that, I was definitely thinking about Cliff, Trujillo said. In a way, that to me is a tip of the hat to Cliff Burton and the spirit of .