Backpacking tips

Her finner du mange gode tips for deg som skal legge verden for dine føtter. Eller lurer du på hvilken guidebok som er best? If you’re reasonably fit and enjoy camping and hiking, take it to the next level with a backpacking trip.

Here’s a primer on getting started . StudentUniverse brings you a list of top backpacking tips if you are on a budget and want to make the most of your trip. Finn ut mer om praktisk planlegging til backpacking her. BACKPACKING – Praktisk planlegging (del 2).

A massive list of ultralight backpacking tips and tricks to help lighten your load on the trail. Har du en sekk på kg kan du ikke bevege deg rundt med sekken. So you’ve been invited to go on a backpacking trip, but are a little unsure of what to bring, how to prepare, and how to actually, you know, get . Backpacker Advice provides travel tips for planning backpacking trips around the world. Help, guides and information about budget travel and gap years. Ten essential backpacking tips; from how to pack, to how to save cash on the road.

Boost comfort and miles with these field-proven tips for carrying less. Europe has it all: sprawling cities, quaint villages, mountains, beaches and lakes. Plan your next trip with our top tips for backpacking .

Backpacking Thailand can mean staying in fun-packed hostels and idyllic beach bungalows, eating noodles so tasty and so cheap you’ll swear . They may say this is a man’s worl but there’s no reason why us ladies can’t conquer the globe, so here are some backpacking tips for girls. In fact, the only reason I’m able to give any “clever” hiking advice is. I’ve made every backpacking mistake in the books, but I’ve learned my . You can have an ultralight backpack if you mercilessly analyze every piece of gear in your pack. Here are 2tips to consider for reducing the weight of your . In case you’re considering backpacking yourself, I wanted to give a few tips to help you out on your next manly expedition.

For backpackers, going ultralight is easier (and less expensive) than you might expect. Our contributor stepped back to give tips on reducing . Backpacking tips, secrets, tricks to reduce backpack weight and use gear for multiple purposes. The ORIGINAL process for reducing backpack weight.