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Ameliorate definition, to make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; improve: strategies to ameliorate negative effects on the environment. Define ameliorate: to make (something, such as a problem) better, less painful, etc. Synonyms for ameliorate at Thesaurus. To make or become better; improve: Volunteers were able to ameliorate conditions in the refugee camp.

Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries. To ameliorate is to step in and make a bad situation better. You could try introducing a second lollipop to ameliorate a battle between two toddlers over a single .

USAGE Ameliorate is often wrongly used where alleviate is meant. Ameliorate is properly used to mean ‘improve’, not ‘make easier to bear’, so one should talk . Oversettelsen av ordet ameliorate mellom norsk, engelsk, spansk og svensk.

Ameliorate means to improve a negative circumstance or situation, to make something substandard or unsatisfactory, better. Define ameliorate (verb) and get synonyms. Contrary to misconceptions, ameliorate and alleviate do have differences. While ameliorate means to actually improve a situation, alleviate means to relieve the . How to use ameliorate in a sentence. Example sentences with the word ameliorate.

She hopes this will ameliorate her headache. The definition of ameliorate is to improve or make better. Oversettelsen av ordet ameliorate fra Engelsk til Norsk (Bokmål) med synonymer, antonymer, definisjoner, eksempler, uttale, avledede ord og mer.

Amelioration may refer to: Amelioration patterns, a software design pattern; Amelioration Act 179 a statute enacted in the Leeward Islands regarding the . Synonyms and Antonyms for ameliorate.